An Adventuring Marauder!

Oh boy, have I been busy. I’ve managed to gain quite a bit experience with my axe, and my job as a Marauder is coming along quite nicely. Something about the power of gripping that axe, swinging it with all my might to defeat my enemies, it’s so invigorating!

I’ve made my way over to the maruders guild in Limsa Liminosa, to see if they have anything interesting going on. Sometimes there will be someone in who has something to teach me, to help me be more proficient in the dispatching of my enemies. Of course, Mr. Toughguy has a lot to say, and not in the most polite way, either…

He seriously needs to realize that without people like me, they’d just be alone on a boat. But no, he has to be as mean as possible in every single way. I swear, I am not going to deal with this!

They’re just nasty and mean for the sake of being nasty and mean. Not to mention ugly. And big. Big, ugly, nasty, and mean, that’s what they are. And I’ll have no part in it! There must be some sort of management I can complain to, so that I can get this little “issue” resolved.

Well that makes sense. The roegadyn is just the muscle in the front, with the lalafell running things behind the scenes. So, time to see what’s going on!

As it turns out, there’s been a rat infestation at one of the lookouts, and they’re looking for someone to “take care” of the situation. Well, look no further, for I, Pocket Hockey, axe in hand, will gladly dispatch of any and all enemies that thwart our operations! So, off I go, to the out-lands of Limsa Liminosa, and on my way to exterminate a rat problem.

I must say, I thoroughly enjoy the scenery running through these areas. Everything is so vibrant and alive, unlike the vast desert surround Ul’dah, or the thick rainforest surrounding Gridania.

I make my way along the freshly beaten path. It’s quite a hike, but there’s plenty to look at along the way.

Sometimes you have to stray off the beaten path to get a view like this.

Hello mousey thing…

It seems I’ve gotten a little lost. I wonder if there’s somewhere I can stop and ask for directions.

Oh wait, I found it!

Oh, hello there…

And hello to you too…

Uh oh………..

Here they come!

I know what I must do…

I hack and slash and swing my axe every which way. They’re everywhere! Someone seriously needs to clean up after themselves when they’re finished eating, then maybe we wouldn’t have these sort of problems.

None shall escape the wrath of my axe!

We’ve got a runner!

Seems he had some friends he wanted to meet up with. And we have an old fashioned standoff!

Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t matter how many friends they have.


Time to head back and make my report.

I head in and talk to the guy in charge. I must say, I must get me one of these ships. They’re totally awesome!

Of course, someone has to have his say in everything. I was half ready to tell him to get below deck and get to work. I know I wouldn’t take any lip from him if he was working for me!

Well then, I guess that’s it for today. I took care of some business for the guild, and got some exercise while doing it. Can’t really complain. Well, see ya next time!

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