Joining my new Linkshell! Enter Sacred Dawn®

So, as anyone will tell you, exploring is way more fun when you’re doing it with other people. And there’s a lot of other people in Eorzea. My old linkshell, Prophecy Reborn, has unfortunately died. There’s no one left, it seems everyone has moved on to new things. /sigh…

However, I’m not one to easily be discouraged for very long. Ul’dah is pretty much Grand Central Station in Eorzea, so I thought I’d try my luck there. I called out for any linkshells currently recruiting, and in seconds I had a /tell. As it turns out, Sacred Dawn was looking for new members. I was skeptical, because for every hundred people, there can easily be two hundred shells. Still, I joined up, to find that they were quite active! The linkshell channel was filled with chatter, people were grouping up to go out and slay monsters, do leve quests, and help out with random things. I was quite excited, I must say.

I greeted everyone, said my hello’s, and just watched for a little while. Then someone says they’re looking for people for a four man dungeon, in the level 25 range. I thought to myself, “Why, I’m 26, I can totally do that! It would be a fantastic opportunity to get to know my new shell mates, and have a bit of an adventure different from killing random mobs or doing leve quests.” Alas, I soon find out that I have to have joined some sort of special forces, and be on a mission to go there. I tell them that I couldn’t, as I needed the quest. They said no problem, go get it, and I can join them next time.

While they’re on their adventure, I run down to the Hall of Flames in Ul’dah, and register to be part of the Immortal Flames. They have a couple quick tasks for me, the normal stuff, slay some monsters that are encroaching upon some of their outlying camps, smuggle some weapons, and so on. So I do their bidding, and then they ask me to go slay some monsters at some place called The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak. Wee! I was where I needed to be!

Quickly, I ask my shell mates if anyone was doing that level 25 dungeon, and to my delight, there was a group ready to go! Excitedly I hurry and teleport to Camp Tranquil, an outlying area of Gridania. We gear up, and off we go, to rid the world of evil!

Some of the players(all…) were significantly more experineced than me, most in their mid to upper 40′s. That’s quite a bit of overkill, but when you’re conducting a delicate opporation such as this, it’s best to have to much firepower rather than not enough. I mean, monsters need to die to keep the area safe!


While we were running through, we did happen to run into some moogles that were in need of rescue! They were quite happy to see us, that’s for sure.

We push our way through, killing everything in sight, collecting lanterns that seem to have been laid out to prevent us from reaching the deepest area of the dungeon. Each one seemingly opens a barrier that would let us pass further in. All of them were guarded pretty heavily by some nasty monsters.

As we work our way through Toto-Rak, the monsters become more difficult. I’m starting to think that me, a wee little conjuror, might not be the safest here. Fortunately those who I am with will do their best to keep me alive.

Finally we’re reaching the deepest part of the dungeon, where the masterminds of the monsters that are causing problems in the local areas are residing. Quick note, have I ever mentioned how much I hate spiders? Ok back to the story, we walk in, and who are we greeted by?

That’s right. Not spiders. Spiders with scorpion tails… Because that’s totally different… And there were a lot of them. And one of them is larger than my comfort zone allows. So that just means I have to do everything I can to make less of them. Blizard II get!

Add a little Thunder II…



There’s one thing that these monsters won’t be forgetting any time soon, and that’s that you don’t try and cross an angry Lalafell!

And before you know it, I have defeated the monsters! May have had a little help…

So all in all, it was a pretty good day for me, I got a new shell, killed a bunch of monsters, did some exploring of new areas. The folks in the shell are really nice, and very active, and having other people to play with out in the world definitely makes it feel less lonely, and more homely. So, my hat is off to all you in Sacred Dawn who make this world a more interesting place to explore!

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