Backpost #3: Alone…

Well, it’s been different. Unfortunately, a lot of my shell mates have dropped off, and I find myself alone, more often than not. Still, I press on.

I’ve reached 20 Conjuror, and pick up some new gear, it’s time for the new conjuror quest! Boy was it interesting, I run into some of the people from the opening scene! I don’t understand a lot of what’s going on, but it’s sure good looking!

Something approaches…

Lets make it dead!!!

Oh jeez… it’s these two again. They seem mostly clueless most of the time. And they’re always getting into trouble.

I say shoot ‘em anyway, just for fun. Can always raise them later. Convenient how that works, huh?

Don’t mess with Lalafell. They’ll come for you in your sleep.

Talking to some guy while watching the river. Yeah, we’re kind of badass.

Miounne: “So, tell me your problems.”

Pocket Hockey: “Oh, where do i begin… It’s probably those roegadyn, they never look where they’re walking, and I come close to death every time one gets drunk and falls off the barstool onto me! And that happens more often than I care to admit…”

I must have one…

Got one!!!

I love some of the costumes in this game! They’re so neat, very creative. Back in Vanadiel, there was stuff you would pay extra just for how it looked. Fashion is obviously important to most. Looks like Eorzea is going to be the same! And then there’s others who seem destined to ride the short bus…

Lots of neat looking stuff here, as I burn through a clear 3 months in one post. See ya soon!

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