Backpost #2

I managed to meet up with a few ls mates and got pearled. Was nice to see some friendly faces and names, some of which I hadn’t seen in years. I joined up with a couple and did some daily leves.


I must say as I am traveling through, there’s some seriously impressive sights. Things glow, oscillate, they move back and forth, not just stamped there. Everything is very alive, and it really makes the world so much more immsersive.

I’ve come to the conclusion though, that party leves just aren’t for me. It’s a hassle to get everyone on the same ones, doing the same thing, and really, it’s not great xp. I’ve decided that I’ll save my leves for when I have no one to party with, and just go for regular xp grinds in party. I’m really enjoying conjuror though. Since I was a primary white mage, it just seemed the way to go. However they’ve made black mage useless, there’s simply no need, at least at this point. And the fact that conjuror has all of the black mage spells, kinda makes it pointless. They should really think about redistributing those spells, conjuror should have heals and a couple debuffs from thaumaturge, and thaumaturge should have the elemental nukes from conjuror.

Still, as to be expected, partying is where it’s at. Sure there’s exploring through the cities, outlands, and caves, and sometimes that’s good to do alone, but over all, get a group of people together and have some fun. And that’s what we did!

Well, it was a great time, I got a lot done, met new people, and explored a lot of places I wouldn’t have had I tried to go it alone. Well, that’s all for now! [Take care.]

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