Picture Post!

What would this camera angle look like if I were, say, as tall as a galka? Would I be seeing the back of her head instead of her butt?

Introducing: Dong Pong! She’s great at holding my extra stuff and following me around and curing me and coming to remote locations and raising me and teleporting me around when I’m out of anima!

Keep me alive Dong! I’ll take care of the rest.

Wait a minutes… This isn’t the Immortal Flames. What’s going on here?

I feel like this sort of thing happens way more than it needs to. Aren’t there other people that can help save the day too?

I’m coming, don’t forget me! I’ll master this axe sooner or later.

Who’s a tough guy? I’m a tough guy!

What the hell is a burble… I want to cuddle with it. It looks kind of like my cat, but with no describable legs, and occasionally casts cure and protect on you.

I’ve found my companion! Not like that… He assists me in battle and stuff.

Seems night enough. No backbone at all and trembles at the sound of my voice. Just how I like it.

However I really must wonder how reliable he will be in battle.

It looks like a salad with eyes.

It’s ok, totally got this. Not dead yet. We were fighting raptors and advancing our experience and skills with our chosen weapons. Typically we’d happen upon 2-3 raptors at a time, not a real big deal. However when you turn around and htere’s a half dozen, that’s a big deal. Somehow most of us survived the encounter. Probably because I was the WHM, and I don’t let people die.

This is new!

This, however, seems amazingly familiar.

These guys seriously don’t mess around. I guess it’s to be expected, we’ve all gotten a lot stronger, and the old monsters just weren’t doing it for us. But still, this was a whole new ball game.

They’re seriously big.

But after a while we got the hang of it, and they weren’t even slowing us down.

Birthday on the beach! I didn’t bring any presents though.

Dong got new clothes! Yay Dong!

“Who, me?”

I wasn’t even anywhere near him or bothering him or anything… He just landed on me and I died. Not fair at all.

Off to see the wizard!

What a good Dong.

I’m freaking hardcore. Who do you think you are talking to me like that?

I told you, but did you listen? No…. Maybe next time you’ll listen better.

Another new and shiny dungeon to slay beasts and monsters alike! Forward we run cutting down everything in our path!

Definitely starting to see a trend here.

He looks overweight and out of shape. How tough can he be?

Wrong again.

Until next time, I’m out of here!

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