Party all the time!~

Who doesn’t like to party? I know I do, and I sure have been at it a lot lately. I like to know where I stand in a party when I’m a conjuror or a marauder. So I’ve been gathering with other people in the world, sometimes randomly, sometimes through my linkshell, and going to to slay monsters!

There’s lots of places to go and lots of monsters to kill in the world, so it’s a good experience to explore and see what’s out there. And that sort of thing is always more fun when you have people to do it with, right?

So there I was in the outlands of Camp Dry Bone, with a few linkshell members, when we came across an encampment of beastmen call the Amalj’aa! They had set up camp and were roaming around in a very¬†ominous manner. I had my wand of casting at my side, and the other members with me had their weapon of choice as well. So, there was only one thing left to do.

Slay the beasts!

Without a second thought I start my incantations fore Fire II, everyone else jumped into action as well. Polearms swinging, arrows flying, fists… punching? Well a lot was going on and I was rather busy with my own stuff, but everyone knew what their role was, and they did it well.



We kept at it and made a pretty good dent in the few hours we were there. However we got notice that there was a cave  overflowing with man sized ants near-by that was causing some problems for the locals, so off we went!

Into the Copperbell Mines we went. There were monsters everywhere, but they were not our real target. We had to venture a little deeper before we came upon our true target, man eating ants!

I could tell, for sure, that this was going to require a bit more fire power. So I put away my wand of casting and broke out my axe of slashing! Beware of a lalafell armed with an axe twice the size of their body. We may look small, but we can pack quite a punch.

Target acquired!

Maybe you’ll think twice before you cross us next time, larger than me ant!

You’d like to think I’m done, but I can assure you, I am not!

Soon enough, we had rid the area of the over-bearing ants, and it was time to move on to the next target. We got word of a beastman camp in the outlands of Gridania. Apparently they’d been roaming and harrassing the local travelers, so for sure, something had to be done about it. Of course, that something would be done by us. So off we went.

Found them…

They did not last long, that’s for sure. Soon enough we were on our way back to Ul’dah, damaged gear needed repairs, we all needed supplies, and of course, it was beyond time for food. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast!

Well, all in a day’s work I guess. Maybe we should have heard the beastman’s plea’s. Tried to strike reason with them. Maybe they had something worth hearing, who knows. But it wasn’t my job to listen tot heir story, it was my job to clear them of the area. After all, our might doesn’t determine who’s right, but rather who’s left.

Take care, have a good night!

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