So, here we go…

I, Pocket Hockey, am starting my adventure through the world of Eorzea. Well, actually, we’re a little behind. My adventure started quite some time ago, being that I’m already 24MRD and 24CON, but that’s ok, there’s still a lot to explore. It’s a big exciting world out there!

Things were a bit rocky at the beginning, there was lots of confusion, and things didn’t quite make sense. I’d talk to the towns people, but they didn’t have much to say to me. I had to browse people’s wares manually, which was quite tedious go from person to person to see what they had. And sometimes, for no particular reason at all, I’d simply fall off the world.

Times have changed though! I have not fallen off the world in quite some time. There’s lots of work to be had from the people in town, everyone seems to need something from me. And now that there’s a registry for people who want to sell their stuff, it makes searching for things to buy a whole lot easier. I’ve even hired someone to stand in the market for me and sell my stuff for me! Well, that’s all for now, but I’ll be back for more later, so be sure to take care!


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