A fisherman’s journey begins!

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In the world of Vana’diel, I was an avid fisherman. So much, that I even fished 10,000 moat carp to turn in for the legendary Lu Shang’s Rod, a which rumor had it, was unbreakable, and highly coveted. It took me ages, but I did it. Also, I was able to catch the fish I needed to make sushi, since I was also an avid cook.

So today, I decided it was time to try my hand at fishing.

Now before you comment on my brilliant fashion sense, I’ll have you know that there isn’t the greatest selection of clothing for fishing. After all, you’ll be handling fish, getting dirty and such, you most certainly wouldn’t want to be doing it in your Sunday’s finest, now would you?

I was in the lower level of Limsa Lominsa at the fisherman’s guild, which is not far from the Marauder’s guild. I headed in, found the fanciest(only) fishing hat they had for sale, a beginner’s rod, and about a hundred lugworms, which are good for ocean fishing. In total, I ended up spending about 20,000 gil to get started. Not terrible, but not great either.

So I cast my rod and was under way.

Boy was it different, and quite difficult to get used to! I had to first choose how deep I wanted the line to go, and then wait for a bite. Once I had one, I had to guess whether it was tot he left or right of me, then “jig” the rod in the other direction to set the hook. Once that was done, I had to pull in the direction the fish was pulling, in order to real him in. And there’s a stamina bar, if I don’t real him in by the time it’s depleated, the fish gets away. This means, typically, you have 2-3 actions at most. It’s turn based, unlike in Vana’diel, where you actually fought the fish pulling back and forth. I’m not sure I like this style, but we’ll see.

Actually fishing was quite a learning curve. There’s no real way to explain how to do it, it’s a matter of trial and error, and you rely on a gut feeling every time you cast your rod. Seemingly, some fish have a preference for high depth, some for low, but it doesn’t really make sense. If I’m half way down, and fish up a crab, how do I sense crabs above where I’m fishing? Shouldn’t they be on the bottom?

By nightfall, I had achieved rank 5 fisherman!

After that I decided to try some different places to try my luck on different fish. I’ve discovered three grades so far, grade one being fish from 1-10, two being 11-20, and three being 21-30. At a 5th level fisherman, I certainly wasn’t going to catch anything in grade three, however grade two might be possible if I’m lucky.

And who doesn’t love a beautiful sunrise? Or sunset. I forget which. I was probably drinking.

Before long, I reached a 10th level fisherman, and it was time to explore.

I headed to the outlands of Limsa Lominsa, up north to the beaches. There, I was planning on doing some fishing, until an elderly man stopped me, saying that he was also a fisherman, however he was unable to fish on the beach due to some nasty crabs roaming wild and beating up on him. I told him, no worry, I can take care of such pests…

And so I did.

By coincidence, I was headed to Gridania to talk to my Conjuror friends, when I came across a stream. I decided to see what I could catch there, and to my surprise, grade three! Being in my low teens, I thought, no way, I’ll never catch anything here, but I tried anyway.

Oh boy… one in three was my standard catch rate, but at 1600xp/catch, I can completely live with that. Black ghosts seemed to become my nemesis, they were the toughest to catch, and liked to hang around the deeper levels.

At the 18th level, I decided to put fishing on the back burner for a bit. It was certainly exciting, and relaxing at the same time, but for now, I want to play with conjuror and marauder a bit more.

Until next time!

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