Picture Post!

What would this camera angle look like if I were, say, as tall as a galka? Would I be seeing the back of her head instead of her butt?

Introducing: Dong Pong! She’s great at holding my extra stuff and following me around and curing me and coming to remote locations and raising me and teleporting me around when I’m out of anima!

Keep me alive Dong! I’ll take care of the rest.

Wait a minutes… This isn’t the Immortal Flames. What’s going on here?

I feel like this sort of thing happens way more than it needs to. Aren’t there other people that can help save the day too?

I’m coming, don’t forget me! I’ll master this axe sooner or later.

Who’s a tough guy? I’m a tough guy!

What the hell is a burble… I want to cuddle with it. It looks kind of like my cat, but with no describable legs, and occasionally casts cure and protect on you.

I’ve found my companion! Not like that… He assists me in battle and stuff.

Seems night enough. No backbone at all and trembles at the sound of my voice. Just how I like it.

However I really must wonder how reliable he will be in battle.

It looks like a salad with eyes.

It’s ok, totally got this. Not dead yet. We were fighting raptors and advancing our experience and skills with our chosen weapons. Typically we’d happen upon 2-3 raptors at a time, not a real big deal. However when you turn around and htere’s a half dozen, that’s a big deal. Somehow most of us survived the encounter. Probably because I was the WHM, and I don’t let people die.

This is new!

This, however, seems amazingly familiar.

These guys seriously don’t mess around. I guess it’s to be expected, we’ve all gotten a lot stronger, and the old monsters just weren’t doing it for us. But still, this was a whole new ball game.

They’re seriously big.

But after a while we got the hang of it, and they weren’t even slowing us down.

Birthday on the beach! I didn’t bring any presents though.

Dong got new clothes! Yay Dong!

“Who, me?”

I wasn’t even anywhere near him or bothering him or anything… He just landed on me and I died. Not fair at all.

Off to see the wizard!

What a good Dong.

I’m freaking hardcore. Who do you think you are talking to me like that?

I told you, but did you listen? No…. Maybe next time you’ll listen better.

Another new and shiny dungeon to slay beasts and monsters alike! Forward we run cutting down everything in our path!

Definitely starting to see a trend here.

He looks overweight and out of shape. How tough can he be?

Wrong again.

Until next time, I’m out of here!


Well it seems it was time for a little hardware upgrade. Can we say “Dual GTX 580′s in SLI with 3 28″ LCD monitors”? I hate to get off track, but it’s just incredible. The immersion experience is absolutely incredible. Anyone considering it, I highly recommend it. I’m running 5760×1200 resolution, and the pictures are clickable.

I’ve uploaded some pictures of the experience.

Talk about making the map easier to read…

Now, before the hate comes in, yes there is some stretching on the outside. However it’s not what you’re focusing on, it’s essentially giving you peripheral vision, in game. It makes things so much easier.

Here’s a quick video running through Limsa:


I absolutely love the music for Christmas. The snow looks incredible, I don’t think I could ask for a better video.

That’s it for now, until next time, [Take care.]

Party all the time!~

Who doesn’t like to party? I know I do, and I sure have been at it a lot lately. I like to know where I stand in a party when I’m a conjuror or a marauder. So I’ve been gathering with other people in the world, sometimes randomly, sometimes through my linkshell, and going to to slay monsters!

There’s lots of places to go and lots of monsters to kill in the world, so it’s a good experience to explore and see what’s out there. And that sort of thing is always more fun when you have people to do it with, right?

So there I was in the outlands of Camp Dry Bone, with a few linkshell members, when we came across an encampment of beastmen call the Amalj’aa! They had set up camp and were roaming around in a very ominous manner. I had my wand of casting at my side, and the other members with me had their weapon of choice as well. So, there was only one thing left to do.

Slay the beasts!

Without a second thought I start my incantations fore Fire II, everyone else jumped into action as well. Polearms swinging, arrows flying, fists… punching? Well a lot was going on and I was rather busy with my own stuff, but everyone knew what their role was, and they did it well.



We kept at it and made a pretty good dent in the few hours we were there. However we got notice that there was a cave  overflowing with man sized ants near-by that was causing some problems for the locals, so off we went!

Into the Copperbell Mines we went. There were monsters everywhere, but they were not our real target. We had to venture a little deeper before we came upon our true target, man eating ants!

I could tell, for sure, that this was going to require a bit more fire power. So I put away my wand of casting and broke out my axe of slashing! Beware of a lalafell armed with an axe twice the size of their body. We may look small, but we can pack quite a punch.

Target acquired!

Maybe you’ll think twice before you cross us next time, larger than me ant!

You’d like to think I’m done, but I can assure you, I am not!

Soon enough, we had rid the area of the over-bearing ants, and it was time to move on to the next target. We got word of a beastman camp in the outlands of Gridania. Apparently they’d been roaming and harrassing the local travelers, so for sure, something had to be done about it. Of course, that something would be done by us. So off we went.

Found them…

They did not last long, that’s for sure. Soon enough we were on our way back to Ul’dah, damaged gear needed repairs, we all needed supplies, and of course, it was beyond time for food. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast!

Well, all in a day’s work I guess. Maybe we should have heard the beastman’s plea’s. Tried to strike reason with them. Maybe they had something worth hearing, who knows. But it wasn’t my job to listen tot heir story, it was my job to clear them of the area. After all, our might doesn’t determine who’s right, but rather who’s left.

Take care, have a good night!

A fisherman’s journey begins!

*Update* I’ve changed my image captures to 1600×900 instead of 1024×768, for your viewing pleasure!

In the world of Vana’diel, I was an avid fisherman. So much, that I even fished 10,000 moat carp to turn in for the legendary Lu Shang’s Rod, a which rumor had it, was unbreakable, and highly coveted. It took me ages, but I did it. Also, I was able to catch the fish I needed to make sushi, since I was also an avid cook.

So today, I decided it was time to try my hand at fishing.

Now before you comment on my brilliant fashion sense, I’ll have you know that there isn’t the greatest selection of clothing for fishing. After all, you’ll be handling fish, getting dirty and such, you most certainly wouldn’t want to be doing it in your Sunday’s finest, now would you?

I was in the lower level of Limsa Lominsa at the fisherman’s guild, which is not far from the Marauder’s guild. I headed in, found the fanciest(only) fishing hat they had for sale, a beginner’s rod, and about a hundred lugworms, which are good for ocean fishing. In total, I ended up spending about 20,000 gil to get started. Not terrible, but not great either.

So I cast my rod and was under way.

Boy was it different, and quite difficult to get used to! I had to first choose how deep I wanted the line to go, and then wait for a bite. Once I had one, I had to guess whether it was tot he left or right of me, then “jig” the rod in the other direction to set the hook. Once that was done, I had to pull in the direction the fish was pulling, in order to real him in. And there’s a stamina bar, if I don’t real him in by the time it’s depleated, the fish gets away. This means, typically, you have 2-3 actions at most. It’s turn based, unlike in Vana’diel, where you actually fought the fish pulling back and forth. I’m not sure I like this style, but we’ll see.

Actually fishing was quite a learning curve. There’s no real way to explain how to do it, it’s a matter of trial and error, and you rely on a gut feeling every time you cast your rod. Seemingly, some fish have a preference for high depth, some for low, but it doesn’t really make sense. If I’m half way down, and fish up a crab, how do I sense crabs above where I’m fishing? Shouldn’t they be on the bottom?

By nightfall, I had achieved rank 5 fisherman!

After that I decided to try some different places to try my luck on different fish. I’ve discovered three grades so far, grade one being fish from 1-10, two being 11-20, and three being 21-30. At a 5th level fisherman, I certainly wasn’t going to catch anything in grade three, however grade two might be possible if I’m lucky.

And who doesn’t love a beautiful sunrise? Or sunset. I forget which. I was probably drinking.

Before long, I reached a 10th level fisherman, and it was time to explore.

I headed to the outlands of Limsa Lominsa, up north to the beaches. There, I was planning on doing some fishing, until an elderly man stopped me, saying that he was also a fisherman, however he was unable to fish on the beach due to some nasty crabs roaming wild and beating up on him. I told him, no worry, I can take care of such pests…

And so I did.

By coincidence, I was headed to Gridania to talk to my Conjuror friends, when I came across a stream. I decided to see what I could catch there, and to my surprise, grade three! Being in my low teens, I thought, no way, I’ll never catch anything here, but I tried anyway.

Oh boy… one in three was my standard catch rate, but at 1600xp/catch, I can completely live with that. Black ghosts seemed to become my nemesis, they were the toughest to catch, and liked to hang around the deeper levels.

At the 18th level, I decided to put fishing on the back burner for a bit. It was certainly exciting, and relaxing at the same time, but for now, I want to play with conjuror and marauder a bit more.

Until next time!

An Adventuring Marauder!

Oh boy, have I been busy. I’ve managed to gain quite a bit experience with my axe, and my job as a Marauder is coming along quite nicely. Something about the power of gripping that axe, swinging it with all my might to defeat my enemies, it’s so invigorating!

I’ve made my way over to the maruders guild in Limsa Liminosa, to see if they have anything interesting going on. Sometimes there will be someone in who has something to teach me, to help me be more proficient in the dispatching of my enemies. Of course, Mr. Toughguy has a lot to say, and not in the most polite way, either…

He seriously needs to realize that without people like me, they’d just be alone on a boat. But no, he has to be as mean as possible in every single way. I swear, I am not going to deal with this!

They’re just nasty and mean for the sake of being nasty and mean. Not to mention ugly. And big. Big, ugly, nasty, and mean, that’s what they are. And I’ll have no part in it! There must be some sort of management I can complain to, so that I can get this little “issue” resolved.

Well that makes sense. The roegadyn is just the muscle in the front, with the lalafell running things behind the scenes. So, time to see what’s going on!

As it turns out, there’s been a rat infestation at one of the lookouts, and they’re looking for someone to “take care” of the situation. Well, look no further, for I, Pocket Hockey, axe in hand, will gladly dispatch of any and all enemies that thwart our operations! So, off I go, to the out-lands of Limsa Liminosa, and on my way to exterminate a rat problem.

I must say, I thoroughly enjoy the scenery running through these areas. Everything is so vibrant and alive, unlike the vast desert surround Ul’dah, or the thick rainforest surrounding Gridania.

I make my way along the freshly beaten path. It’s quite a hike, but there’s plenty to look at along the way.

Sometimes you have to stray off the beaten path to get a view like this.

Hello mousey thing…

It seems I’ve gotten a little lost. I wonder if there’s somewhere I can stop and ask for directions.

Oh wait, I found it!

Oh, hello there…

And hello to you too…

Uh oh………..

Here they come!

I know what I must do…

I hack and slash and swing my axe every which way. They’re everywhere! Someone seriously needs to clean up after themselves when they’re finished eating, then maybe we wouldn’t have these sort of problems.

None shall escape the wrath of my axe!

We’ve got a runner!

Seems he had some friends he wanted to meet up with. And we have an old fashioned standoff!

Unfortunately for them, it doesn’t matter how many friends they have.


Time to head back and make my report.

I head in and talk to the guy in charge. I must say, I must get me one of these ships. They’re totally awesome!

Of course, someone has to have his say in everything. I was half ready to tell him to get below deck and get to work. I know I wouldn’t take any lip from him if he was working for me!

Well then, I guess that’s it for today. I took care of some business for the guild, and got some exercise while doing it. Can’t really complain. Well, see ya next time!

Joining my new Linkshell! Enter Sacred Dawn®

So, as anyone will tell you, exploring is way more fun when you’re doing it with other people. And there’s a lot of other people in Eorzea. My old linkshell, Prophecy Reborn, has unfortunately died. There’s no one left, it seems everyone has moved on to new things. /sigh…

However, I’m not one to easily be discouraged for very long. Ul’dah is pretty much Grand Central Station in Eorzea, so I thought I’d try my luck there. I called out for any linkshells currently recruiting, and in seconds I had a /tell. As it turns out, Sacred Dawn was looking for new members. I was skeptical, because for every hundred people, there can easily be two hundred shells. Still, I joined up, to find that they were quite active! The linkshell channel was filled with chatter, people were grouping up to go out and slay monsters, do leve quests, and help out with random things. I was quite excited, I must say.

I greeted everyone, said my hello’s, and just watched for a little while. Then someone says they’re looking for people for a four man dungeon, in the level 25 range. I thought to myself, “Why, I’m 26, I can totally do that! It would be a fantastic opportunity to get to know my new shell mates, and have a bit of an adventure different from killing random mobs or doing leve quests.” Alas, I soon find out that I have to have joined some sort of special forces, and be on a mission to go there. I tell them that I couldn’t, as I needed the quest. They said no problem, go get it, and I can join them next time.

While they’re on their adventure, I run down to the Hall of Flames in Ul’dah, and register to be part of the Immortal Flames. They have a couple quick tasks for me, the normal stuff, slay some monsters that are encroaching upon some of their outlying camps, smuggle some weapons, and so on. So I do their bidding, and then they ask me to go slay some monsters at some place called The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak. Wee! I was where I needed to be!

Quickly, I ask my shell mates if anyone was doing that level 25 dungeon, and to my delight, there was a group ready to go! Excitedly I hurry and teleport to Camp Tranquil, an outlying area of Gridania. We gear up, and off we go, to rid the world of evil!

Some of the players(all…) were significantly more experineced than me, most in their mid to upper 40′s. That’s quite a bit of overkill, but when you’re conducting a delicate opporation such as this, it’s best to have to much firepower rather than not enough. I mean, monsters need to die to keep the area safe!


While we were running through, we did happen to run into some moogles that were in need of rescue! They were quite happy to see us, that’s for sure.

We push our way through, killing everything in sight, collecting lanterns that seem to have been laid out to prevent us from reaching the deepest area of the dungeon. Each one seemingly opens a barrier that would let us pass further in. All of them were guarded pretty heavily by some nasty monsters.

As we work our way through Toto-Rak, the monsters become more difficult. I’m starting to think that me, a wee little conjuror, might not be the safest here. Fortunately those who I am with will do their best to keep me alive.

Finally we’re reaching the deepest part of the dungeon, where the masterminds of the monsters that are causing problems in the local areas are residing. Quick note, have I ever mentioned how much I hate spiders? Ok back to the story, we walk in, and who are we greeted by?

That’s right. Not spiders. Spiders with scorpion tails… Because that’s totally different… And there were a lot of them. And one of them is larger than my comfort zone allows. So that just means I have to do everything I can to make less of them. Blizard II get!

Add a little Thunder II…



There’s one thing that these monsters won’t be forgetting any time soon, and that’s that you don’t try and cross an angry Lalafell!

And before you know it, I have defeated the monsters! May have had a little help…

So all in all, it was a pretty good day for me, I got a new shell, killed a bunch of monsters, did some exploring of new areas. The folks in the shell are really nice, and very active, and having other people to play with out in the world definitely makes it feel less lonely, and more homely. So, my hat is off to all you in Sacred Dawn who make this world a more interesting place to explore!

Backpost #3: Alone…

Well, it’s been different. Unfortunately, a lot of my shell mates have dropped off, and I find myself alone, more often than not. Still, I press on.

I’ve reached 20 Conjuror, and pick up some new gear, it’s time for the new conjuror quest! Boy was it interesting, I run into some of the people from the opening scene! I don’t understand a lot of what’s going on, but it’s sure good looking!

Something approaches…

Lets make it dead!!!

Oh jeez… it’s these two again. They seem mostly clueless most of the time. And they’re always getting into trouble.

I say shoot ‘em anyway, just for fun. Can always raise them later. Convenient how that works, huh?

Don’t mess with Lalafell. They’ll come for you in your sleep.

Talking to some guy while watching the river. Yeah, we’re kind of badass.

Miounne: “So, tell me your problems.”

Pocket Hockey: “Oh, where do i begin… It’s probably those roegadyn, they never look where they’re walking, and I come close to death every time one gets drunk and falls off the barstool onto me! And that happens more often than I care to admit…”

I must have one…

Got one!!!

I love some of the costumes in this game! They’re so neat, very creative. Back in Vanadiel, there was stuff you would pay extra just for how it looked. Fashion is obviously important to most. Looks like Eorzea is going to be the same! And then there’s others who seem destined to ride the short bus…

Lots of neat looking stuff here, as I burn through a clear 3 months in one post. See ya soon!

Backpost #2

I managed to meet up with a few ls mates and got pearled. Was nice to see some friendly faces and names, some of which I hadn’t seen in years. I joined up with a couple and did some daily leves.


I must say as I am traveling through, there’s some seriously impressive sights. Things glow, oscillate, they move back and forth, not just stamped there. Everything is very alive, and it really makes the world so much more immsersive.

I’ve come to the conclusion though, that party leves just aren’t for me. It’s a hassle to get everyone on the same ones, doing the same thing, and really, it’s not great xp. I’ve decided that I’ll save my leves for when I have no one to party with, and just go for regular xp grinds in party. I’m really enjoying conjuror though. Since I was a primary white mage, it just seemed the way to go. However they’ve made black mage useless, there’s simply no need, at least at this point. And the fact that conjuror has all of the black mage spells, kinda makes it pointless. They should really think about redistributing those spells, conjuror should have heals and a couple debuffs from thaumaturge, and thaumaturge should have the elemental nukes from conjuror.

Still, as to be expected, partying is where it’s at. Sure there’s exploring through the cities, outlands, and caves, and sometimes that’s good to do alone, but over all, get a group of people together and have some fun. And that’s what we did!

Well, it was a great time, I got a lot done, met new people, and explored a lot of places I wouldn’t have had I tried to go it alone. Well, that’s all for now! [Take care.]

Backpost #1

Well, here I am, freshly migrated from Final Fantasy XI, where my linkshell and I have decided to explore the new world of Eorzea! Many of us participated in the beta, and everything sure has come a long way, but this is it, the real deal, so lets see what we can find!

Coming from Bastok, I was always a dedicated little Tarutaru. I admired Windurst greatly, with it’s rustic appearance, tree-houses, lots of water and neat woodsy feeling. So, this time, a Lalafell from Gridania it was.

After a rivetingly beautiful cut scene, I’m plopped in the east entrance of Gridania, with my wand at my side. Conjuror was my job of choice, coming from a life as a career white mage, but I’d later pick up Marauder as a secondary on my main jobs. However it was quite different from expected, I had ALL the elemental spells! And no cure. Hmph, it was quite strange, indeed. Quickly I found some other lala’s and followed them around for a bit, just going over this and that. Then, off to smack stuff with a stick!

They instituted these weird things called “leves” which were sort of mini quests with bonuses to kill certain stuff. Not terribly exciting, but they summoned instanced mobs, so you weren’t fighting for mobs with a thousand other new players. That aside, it was still pretty laggy in the new areas. There were people everywhere. I did a couple leves, then went for a walk to kill whatever I could find.

About ten levels later, and perhaps 3 hours, I wander back to Gridania to clear the crap I found in my inventory, and get some money. I unloaded everything, put my crystals in my bazaar, went into the bazaar area, and saw what other people had to sell. For the game being up less than a day, there was lots of stuff for sale. As I wandered through checking people’s bazaar’s, others checked mine, and quickly my crystals were gone. Great! I had enough money to buy that badass eye patch from the head gear npc. 38k later I was looking like a stud. Also picked up a Marauder’s axe, while I was in town. Made my way through those levels pretty quickly with cure on hand and significantly increased damage output, before you know it I was 10MRD.

Now, my next quick money task! I put on my walking boots and head out the east gate to hoof it to Ul’dah, the town most similar to Bastok. Now, I’ll have you know, this is no simple task. One does not simply walk to Ul’dah from Gridania. It is a long and dangerous journey! You’re talking a good hour walk, if you know where you’re going. Luckily, I knew where I was going ^.^

I arrive in Ul’dah, stopping at different outposts along the way to get the crystals, since once you’ve been to a crystal, you can instantly teleport back there form anywhere, provided you have the anima to do so.

Still, there’s lots of dangerous to be found, a lot of which are agressive, so you’d better look out!

After stopping at Ul’dah I was on my way to Limsa Limosa. After an extremely long walk I was on the dock waiting for the ferry! There were a couple others that were waiting with me, as well.

The trip reminded me of the Selbina to Mhuara boat ride. Then the raid set in, and I was seriously ready for pirates to invade! At my level, that would have surely meant certain death.

I landed in Limsa Limosa, touched the crystal, and explored a bit. But the whole purpose of this trip was for one thing, and that was gil. There’s a neat little trick, where you can teleport to places you’ve been, but if you have party members, you can take them with you, even if they haven’t been there. Then they can touch the crystal, and be able to teleport themselves! Now, I was a poor tarutaru for my entire Final Fantasy XI career, I wasn’t going to start out the same way. Plus the lead newbie quest that everyone gets comes with a nice chunk of change, 10k gil. So the shouting began…

Teleport > Gridania -or- Ul’dah <Do you need it?> 20k. Discount 30k for both!

I had 3 people join instantly for both, people who obviously knew how difficult the walk was, and away we went!

I did the same in Ul’dah and Gridania, got another 6 passengers, but people caught on, and then eventually everyone was doing it, and it was no longer worth 20k a shot. But I had made my money, 300k to be exact. Nice how that worked out, I was on my way to not being poor!

Tomorrow… Find my shell mates from Final Fantasy XI linkshell ProphecyReborn


So, here we go…

I, Pocket Hockey, am starting my adventure through the world of Eorzea. Well, actually, we’re a little behind. My adventure started quite some time ago, being that I’m already 24MRD and 24CON, but that’s ok, there’s still a lot to explore. It’s a big exciting world out there!

Things were a bit rocky at the beginning, there was lots of confusion, and things didn’t quite make sense. I’d talk to the towns people, but they didn’t have much to say to me. I had to browse people’s wares manually, which was quite tedious go from person to person to see what they had. And sometimes, for no particular reason at all, I’d simply fall off the world.

Times have changed though! I have not fallen off the world in quite some time. There’s lots of work to be had from the people in town, everyone seems to need something from me. And now that there’s a registry for people who want to sell their stuff, it makes searching for things to buy a whole lot easier. I’ve even hired someone to stand in the market for me and sell my stuff for me! Well, that’s all for now, but I’ll be back for more later, so be sure to take care!